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Matthew Johnston

Co - Owner / Founder

Hey guys and gals.. it's me... Matt. Just to give you a little insight on who I am, I have been training for sixteen years - fourteen of those years have been with my cousin, and now business partner, Cole. We learned at a younger age how impactful training can be and what a positive impact it can have on your life as a whole. That very reason is why we decided to open our gym and share our experiences and values within our community. Along the way, we stumbled upon another individual named Brett, who shared our same values and vision, and has taken up the mantle of being an additional owner and helping bring our dreams to reality. I want to see everyone crush their goals and am grateful for the opportunity to do so.


Co - Owner / Founder

​I’m just a regular guy with a dream and a desire to chase it. I have a wife and daughter who I love more than anything and I work full-time as a Power Sports and Motorcycle Mechanic. I started training with Matt about 14 years ago and still recall the way I felt walking in to a gym for the first time - excited, nervous, and embarrassed for the most part. Those feelings shaped the way I want to make change in this industry. Everyone here has the same end goal, which is to be better every single day. And on the first day we opened, that’s when I met Brett. From day one, I could see that he shared that same dream and desire. Seven months later, he became Matt and I’s business partner.
This gym is not only our place of training, but also a sanctuary for anyone who wants to become the best version of themselves.



Co - Owner 

What’s up guys. Here’s a little something about me…Back in 2012 I walked into a gym for the first time and became overly obsessed with fitness. It completely saved me, and gave me a whole new meaning to life. It felt like a restart button. I grew up as the smallest guy out of all of my friends, so for the first half of my fitness journey I thought I wanted to be a bodybuilder…that was until I found out about powerlifting. I have now been a competitive powerlifter for over six years and have won over eleven competitions. Being so involved in fitness and having a true passion for it, It was always on my bucket list to own a gym one day. I never imagined I would turn that dream in to a reality when I first met Matt and Cole when they opened Primal Instinct. It’s already been a hell of a ride to get to where we are now, and we are only getting started! 

Primal Instinct Strength & Fitness

Primal Instinct Strength & Fitness

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